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We are aware of an iOS7 issue when trying to access the iTunes library.  An update fix is on the way.  Sorry for the inconvenience…email us for a consolation offer.

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Soundala Play iPad App

A new breed of music visualizer that really lets you see the music!

Intro Tutorial

Typical visualizers rely on fractal patterns that are only subtly influenced by the music.

Cycle Themes

Soundala Play displays every beat and frequency of the music with precision and beauty.

TV Output

Using your iTunes library, this is the only visualizer made specifically for music lovers

A smart new, and dare I say exciting app… it has to be seen to be believed… you will be amazed at how this app tracks the music to produce the most fantastic graphics, we like it!

…it’s great to see you are the only one on the store that has taken the step to deliver a true music visual experience… it is a hands down winner

AM - Australia

I think there’s a shortage of these types of apps in the app store, because I’ve yet to find any “real” visualizer like this that works with the music…

DG - California

Thanks To

Filip Peters CTO, Frank Ruotolo, Tim Alt, Kristal Bailey, Adrian Lopez, Guillermo Murga, Lauri Maerov, Laura Seitz, Adam Bester, Sam Pursglove, Sean McPherson, Geoff Berkin, John Weldon, Brett Smith, Sachi Murase

Soundala Play iPad App: V 1.0
© 2011 Bruce Robertson / Soundala
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Soundala Artwork

Spiraling Lotus

Original Art
Nancy Alexander

Digital Art
Tim Alt

Copyright: © 2007 Bruce Robertson