Soundala SLRD Art & Sound Display

Soundala SRLD is an exciting, innovative art form which blends the worlds of kinetic art and sound visualization.

A stunning centerpiece, this unique 4 foot x 4 foot patented lighting display draws instant attention in any space, from special events to lounges to home environments.

Watch ever evolving geometric patterns and sound responsive pulsations envelope you with lush vibrant colors.

This unique electronic art object instantly attracts everyone in its presence.

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Soundala is a digital art work that combines kinetic art with sound and light.


The core of the display is a colorful mandala from an original fine art work featuring a full spectrum of spiraling lotus petals. Each of the several hundred petals is separately backlit and digitally controlled by an onboard computer.


The work displays a myriad of mesmerizing sequence patterns animating the petals and surrounding radial features


Soundala responds to ambient sound and music which increases the complexity of the display and gives it an interactive dimension.


The work is 4’ x 4’ and looks like a stained glass art piece. It hangs on a wall similar to large flat screen. There are over 300 lights inside which backlight a transparency of the art work. There are complex baffles that mirror the art work to keep the light of each element from spilling over to the next. It projects over 200 watts of lush full spectrum light.


The user interface is accomplished with an iPad connected via a wireless network. There are several associated apps that perform such functions as creating the sequential patterns, displaying combinations of patterns and digitally processing sound and music to create the audio/visual component. (An iPad app of the audio visualizing component was released on the iTunes in September 2011.)

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