Press Release

Los Angeles, September 12, 2011

Soundala Play iPad App Launches in iTunes App Store

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Press Coverage

9-5 iPad

“Looking for something to entertain you while playing music on your iPad, here’s a new music visualizer app for iPad. It’s the Soundala Play which is a new innovative iPad music visualizer that really lets you “see the music!” Unlike other’s this digital Music visualizer accurately reflects every beat & frequency of the music with a stunning visual display, letting you enjoy music up from inside.”


“A smart new and dare I say exciting app for the Apple iPad… a new style of music visualizer, unlike the traditional type these new digital music displays actually reflect what is going on in the music, it has to be seen to be believed… you will be amazed at how this app tracks the music to produce the most fantastic graphics, we like it!”

“This is a must have for all music lovers since it focuses on displaying the actual music, not spacey kaleidoscopic patterns… have a music experience like never before.”


“Now get a fabulous visual display that features every beat and frequency while playing music through Soundala play. Its digital music display is really very innovative that simply lets you see the music.”

“So you have good music, the right audio player, and fantastic sounding speakers — when it comes to listening to music, what more could you want?  Well, Soundala thinks it’s time to complete the music listening experience with Soundala Play”


“Ok. You may not be a club dj and you may not rock large sets like David Guetta – but what if you are just having some friends come over or are chilling in your dorm? You may still want some lighting and effects right?  Here is one way to enhance your listening experience with a music visualizer-use Soundala Play for the iPad.  Soundala Play allows you to view music in a whole new way on your iPad… Next time you’re having a get together… try Soundala it’s fully customizable and fun!”


“The main feature that this app has over others is that it actually works with the music to produce a fantastic digital visual effect; it is almost an art form.”